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Celebrating Our Young Moms

May 14, 2021 | Jeffrey Good

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Some of our most dedicated graduation candidates are not only working hard for their high school diplomas, but also striving to be the best possible mothers to their children. In honor of Mother’s Day Week, we have been profiling some of them on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Instagram channels. (If you’re not already following us, you know what to do!) Here’s a sampling of our Acceleration Academies moms, with one from each of our sites across the nation.

BAA Faith.jpg

Keeping the Faith

Faith Goulding-Booth is the mom of Kais, who turns 3 in July. “He just began Head Start!” says the proud mom. Faith loves being a graduation candidate at Bethel Acceleration Academies “because they see potential in me when others did not. They have faith in me that I will succeed and get that diploma in my hands — while also being supportive and understanding how much is going on in my life, juggling work, school and being a young mom. I am honored to be working with such an amazing team.”


CCAA Diamond and Javier.jpg

There’s No ‘I Can’t Do It’

Diamond Retana had a busy April. On April 10, she reached her goal of graduating from Clark County Acceleration Academies. One week later, her baby boy, Javier, was born. During her pregnancy, she appreciated the chance to study online when she wasn’t feeling nauseous or exhausted. Her graduation candidate advocate reached out to her regularly with words of encouragement. “That really helped me a lot.” She hopes her hard work will set a good example for Javier. “I want to motivate him, tell him ‘I did it when I was pregnant with you.’ There’s no ‘I can’t do it.’ “


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‘I Know Anything’s Possible’

Janie Diaz is a woman who wears many hats. She is a mother to 3-year-old Ariana and 2-year-old Jaiden, who are her constant companions. “My favorite thing about being a mom is taking car rides because Ariana starts dancing in her car seat and, even if it’s a Spanish song, she tries to sing along,” Janie says. She hopes to join the Air Force or Navy after she graduates, and she hopes her hard work at Miami-Dade Acceleration Academies and in coming years will show her children how to persevere. “I would like my kids to follow the dreams they they desire to have, whether it’s owning a nursery or even being a lawyer, but to never give up. Sometimes there will be obstacles and even people who will do their very best to put you down. But with God alongside us, I know anything’s possible.”


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‘I Want to Go to College’

Chloe Ballard is mom to 18-month-old Asher Dawn and 2-month-old Jax Dawn. “I chose to enroll at Sarasota Acceleration Academies because I want to go to college and earn a degree,” says Chloe, who’s taking advantage of the flexible scheduling and personalized coaching to juggle her many responsibilities. “I want to create a good future and be able to afford a nice life for my family. One thing I most hope for my children is that they make the most out of life and grow up to be amazing people.”


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‘Education Comes First’

Naxieli Serret has a full-time job and a son, Samuel, who’s about to turn 1. At St. Lucie Acceleration Academies, she’s found not only academic support but also staff members who understand the complex demands of a young mother’s life. One day, she hopes to become a psychologist and take Samuel overseas. “Education comes first. It opens up so many doors. I want him to be able to travel the world and take in everything,” she says.


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