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7 Reasons Why A High School Diploma is Important

August 15, 2022 | Tracie Hummel

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If you’ve stumbled across this post, you’re likely wondering whether or not you should pursue your high school diploma. Maybe your family circumstances have made it difficult to commit to the demands of a traditional high school. Maybe you didn’t get the one-on-one attention from teachers you needed or you struggled with bullying or a non-inclusive environment. Maybe you are just uninterested or unmotivated in school.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you are asking yourself “is getting a high school diploma important,” we can assure you that the answer is 100% yes! There are many benefits to getting a high school diploma, but don’t take our word for it – see what some of our program’s graduates had to say about how a high school diploma through Acceleration Academies helped them find success and purpose in life.

No. 1: There Are More Job Opportunities for High School Graduates

Getting your high school diploma opens the door for many job opportunities. Not all jobs require a bachelor’s or other postsecondary degree; in fact, there are several exciting, well-paying career opportunities for high school graduates. Best of all? The demand for these jobs is at an all time high.

“What I’m most proud of since graduating high school is getting a job as an electrician.*”

  • Christopher Carino, Sarasota Acceleration Academies

*According to Indeed, the average salary for electricians in 2022 is $58,410, and after 10 years of experience, electricians can expect to earn close to $70,000 per year. Aspiring electricians must complete an apprenticeship before they become licensed but on-the-job training is typically paid.

Why does high school matter in the real-world? Here are 4 reasons why high school is important to your future boss.

No. 2: You Can Find High Paying Jobs With Just a High School Diploma

Compared to their peers without a diploma, high school graduates earn significantly more. According to the US Census Bureau and The Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates earn approximately $1,600 more per month compared to those who obtained a GED. Additionally, high school graduates can expect to earn at least $500,000 more during their lifetime compared to those with a GED.

“The thing I’m most proud of since graduation is being able to get higher wages.”

  • Lonnie Christian, Clark County Acceleration Academies

“A portion of my family members did not get a high school diploma and they really pushed me to get mine. In this day and age, you really need one to get a good paying job.”

  • Ashton Steiner, Bethel Acceleration Academies

No. 3: A High School Diploma Helps You Support Your Family 

For young parents and other young adults who need to support their families, a high school diploma is especially important. Since a diploma comes with more job opportunities and higher pay, it helps these young people better support their families.

“A high school diploma was important to me because I have a daughter that looks up to me. I needed to educate myself for a better future and to set an example for my daughter. I was a single mother working two jobs while I was at Acceleration Academies. The flexibility of the program was what helped me reach my goal of graduating high school.”

  • Honey Cardona Franco, St. Lucie Acceleration Academies

“Getting a high school diploma was important to me so that I could get a full-time job to help my family out. Since graduating, I’ve been working full time at a public warehouse.”

  • Daniel Va’a, Bethel Acceleration Academies

No. 4: With a High School Diploma, You Can Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success

Whether your ambitions are career-based, educational-focused or family-oriented, receiving your high school diploma is the first step to a successful future. Not only will you have more opportunities, but you’ll be better equipped for success. Learn more about how high school prepares you for the real world here.

“As a mom, it’s important to me to make a difference so that I can make myself and my son proud. Graduating high school helped me do that and allowed me to successfully join the workforce.”

  • Alexia Xavier, St. Lucie Acceleration Academies

No. 5: Having a High School Diploma Makes it Possible to Attend College

A high school diploma is a prerequisite for most accredited American colleges and universities. In addition to being required for most postsecondary programs, receiving your high school diploma is a great way to establish and develop study habits, effective time management and pave the way for academic success.

“Since graduation, I’m most proud of going to college and studying criminal justice.”

  • Donalson Beaucejour, St. Lucie Acceleration Academies

“I’m proud of getting accepted into a 4-year college. Attending any college, whether 2 or 4 year, is a huge accomplishment! Just being in the position to write and submit an admissions essay to a school I wanted to attend was a huge accomplishment.”

  • Breeze Phillips, Bethel Acceleration Academies

No. 6: Earning a High School Diploma Allows You to Join the Military

Enlisting in the military is a great post-graduation path that offers many benefits including job training, health coverage, housing benefits, good pay and more. The military is clear that it prefers candidates to have a high school diploma. According to Today’s Military, “Candidates with a GED can enlist, but some Services may limit their opportunities. It is very difficult to be considered a serious candidate without either a high school diploma or an accepted alternative credential.”

“Getting my high school diploma was important for me for many reasons. It helped me gain a sense of pride in myself and enabled me to join the military. Now, I’m enrolling in college. I honestly have no idea where I would be right now without Acceleration Academies!”

  • Asharei Faison, Clark County Acceleration Academies

No. 7: A High School Diploma Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment that Builds Confidence

One underrated but incredibly important reason to get your high school diploma is the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal. Setting a goal and reaching it builds confidence and teaches you many life skills and lessons along the way.

“In getting my high school diploma, I became my own biggest fan. I knew I could succeed if I stayed focused. Now, I have my own small business and CareerSource even wrote an article about me!”

  • Jada Reid, St. Lucie Acceleration Academies

“Getting my diploma helped me prove to myself how smart I am! That has given me a huge sense of pride and satisfaction.”

  • Jacquil Whitehead, Miami-Dade Acceleration Academies

Want to hear from more of our students about how Acceleration Academies helped them graduate? See more student testimonials and stories.

The great news is that Acceleration Academies makes getting your high school diploma simpler than ever before.

Take the first step toward re-entering high school and earning your diploma today.

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