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Adrianna Egbert: On a Mission to Change the World — and Herself

September 14, 2022 | Jeffrey Good

Adrianna Egbert: On a Mission to Change the World — and Herself image

Adrianna Egbert is a young woman with a mission — literally.

As a member of the Mormon faith, Adrianna plans to embark on a year and a half mission to spread the word of her religion in the United States and, she hopes, in other lands. But first, she wanted to take care of her own education.

Adrianna is a quick learner who grew impatient with the pace of studies in traditional high school. Halfway through, she embarked on a dual credit program at the College of Southern Nevada, where she is close to earning an associate’s degree.

But she also had to earn her high school diploma. As a senior, she only had one class left, but her old school wanted her to do a full semester’s worth of classes before walking across the stage.

No thanks, she said.

“I never liked being held back, sitting there and learning stuff that I could have learned on my own,” says Adrianna. “I started looking for a school that would let me go self-paced.”

She went from school to school looking for the right fit, but not finding it. Then she heard about Clark County Acceleration Academies, where young learners can move at the pace that best suits their abilities, their responsibilities and their goals.

Now, she’s a graduate.

Adrianna says the educators at CCAA were nothing but helpful, and that career and life coach JoAnne Brown assisted her not only in arranging her coursework but also thinking through the college and career options.

“She said, ‘I’m here to help you,’ “ Adrianna says. And Coach Brown wasn’t the only one. “Whatever I needed, they were there to help.”

Adrianna has gotten most of her general education requirements out of the way at CCSN, and is considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree after completing her church mission. She looks forward to working with fellow church members, knocking on doors and educating people about the Church of Latter Day Saints.

She’d also like to learn another language. Her father did his mission trip in the Caribbean and speaks Haitian Creole, and she would like to learn German or French.

She’s starting from a solid foundation.

“I said, ‘Hey, I’m not getting my GED,’ ” says Adrianna. “Acceleration Academy was the only high school that worked.”

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