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I Want to Drop Out of High School and Get My GED: What Are My Options?

October 18, 2023 | Acceleration Academies

I Want to Drop Out of High School and Get My GED: What Are My Options? image

High school can be difficult, and many students question if it’s even worth. With how challenging the coursework can be and how scheduling issues come up, it’s normal to wonder if you should just drop out of high school.

But it’s really important to finish high school and receive certification. This step in your education shows colleges and future employers that you’re dedicated to your studies and have what you need to work for them.

Why Do People Drop Out of High School?

There are many reasons students feel like dropping out is their best option. We’ve unpacked a few reasons you might feel like dropping out below.

  • You Feel Unengaged in the Material: If you feel like what you’re learning in high school doesn’t matter to your life after high school, that can make you want to drop out. You might also feel disconnected from your classes if you can’t study the things you’re really curious about.
  • You Have Family Commitments: Many high school students have family needs that affect their time in school. Whether you’re a single parent, have siblings you need to watch, or anything in between, your family commitments are important and should be addressed.
  • You Need to Work Full-Time: Students who have work commitments outside of their high school classes also experience feelings of wanting to drop out. Working to provide for yourself and your family is important, but it’s difficult when it comes between you and your education.
  • You Have Difficulty Keeping Up With the Academics: High school classes can be difficult and demanding. When you feel like you’re falling behind, staying motivated to keep going in your high school journey can be hard.
  • You’re Being Bullied or Feel Lost: Some students don’t feel connected to others in their class, or their peers are bullying them. You may feel like it’s better to avoid high school altogether as you figure out who you are and how to deal with bullying.
  • You Have a Lack of Support and a Lack of Family Structures at Home: Not having your family support or feeling like your family life is out of control can make it hard to focus on schoolwork.
  • You’re Facing Adult Problems With Less Tools: You may be facing problems bigger than the ones your classmates are experiencing. Trying to deal with adult problems as a teenager can be a lot of extra work, and it can be hard to focus on school in those situations.
  • You’re Experiencing Family Issues: From your parents getting divorced to family members losing their jobs, plus situations like health scares with grandparents and other family members, your family life can make it hard to study and do your high school homework.

Adult problems sometimes get in the way of your graduation goals. With all of these factors, dropping out can seem like the best option. Let’s compare the opportunities for students in this circumstance.

Thinking of Dropping Out of High School? Here Are Your Options

Should I Get a GED?

What is the GED? It’s a certificate that shows that you’ve completed exams in courses similar to those you’d take in high school. Some employers and colleges accept the GED as enough proof that you’ve finished your studies, but others require a high school diploma.

In order to get the GED, you’ll need to complete and pass the knowledge exams.

While it might seem like the easiest option to get a GED, a high school diploma is worth investing in, and there’s more than one way to get a high school diploma.

How Well Do You Know the Difference Between a GED and a High School Diploma?

Should I Switch to an Alternative High School?

What is an alternative high school? Alternative high schools give students the opportunity to get a high school diploma in a format and on a timeline that works for them.

Often, alternative high schools combine different styles of learning and bring more technology into the classroom, so students can learn online and in person. With more individualized attention from teachers, students can feel more comfortable asking for help in their work.

In an alternative education classroom, you might even have more freedom to study topics you’re interested in. You can also take your courses at your own pace, quickly working through topics that are easy for you and taking more time on the subjects you want more help with.

Read our blog, Myths and Truths About Alternative Education.

Acceleration Academies: Blended Learning That Works for You

At Acceleration Academies, we understand the difficulties of being in high school, from academic challenges to life circumstances you can’t control.

That’s why our approach is flexible and personalized, so you can get your high school diploma on a timeline that works best for you and your unique needs.

Working full time and can’t go to school for 8 hours a day? Work with one of our coaches to build your schedule of in-class hours.

Need more help or accommodations with your courses? We work 1:1 with students to help them feel confident in what they’re learning and succeed.

Looking for an affirming environment? Acceleration Academies is diverse and welcoming of everyone, no matter what.

Students who choose Acceleration Academies say they feel more confident in their studies and better equipped to handle life after high school. Read some of our student stories for yourself!

Ready to learn more about how Acceleration Academies can help you succeed in getting your high school diploma? Request more information today!

Or, if you’re ready to start your journey as a graduation candidate now, you can enroll here.

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