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AA Graduation

“Once he started this school, I mean, he accelerated so much, and all the teachers, you know, they hold you accountable for what you do.”
– Archie Jackson Sr

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Diago Harris: "They Understand You Have a Life Outside of School"

Diago Harris ran with a rough crowd and, before long, lost interest in school. He dropped out, landed a job in construction and, for a time, felt like his life was on a positive trajectory. But then he looked around at the older men wearing themselves out at work that barely paid a decent wage. He thought, “I don’t want to do construction all my life. He was living on his own and needed to work to cover expenses, so a traditional school and its 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. schedule was out of the question.


SAA grad proudly smiles at graduation with his father with diploma in hand

7 Reasons Why A High School Diploma is Important

If you are asking yourself “is getting a high school diploma important,” we can assure you that the answer is 100% yes! There are many benefits to getting a high school diploma, but don’t take our word for it – see what some of our program’s graduates had to say about how a high school diploma through Acceleration Academies helped them find success and purpose in life.


Bryanna smiles at CSAA

Bryanna Olalde: 'An Excitement I Haven't Felt in a Long Time'

For most of high school, Bryanna seemed to be on track to fulfill her mother’s hopes of securing a solid education. She made honor roll, took advanced classes and was involved in many extracurriculars.  But then, midway through what should have been her final year, mental health struggles set in and she felt adrift. “Then I got a job and that made it even worse. I saw the money coming in and I lost motivation for school. I decided to just work and drop out.”


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